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​In a galaxy long long ago.....
​The mad man who came up with the idea....Mark Antony Barker 

After such an extremely long hiatus from playing his beloved drums, Mark decided that the passion burning inside him had been smouldering for too long.

The itch finally became too much to endure and now it certainly needed some serious scratching. So it was time ....the last hurrah!

After much prompting from many fine people including fellow musicians, a drumming coach and an ever encouraging wife, the bullet was finally bitten and pleasingly off it went with a bang! So in early in 2019 Mark bought himself some kit and created his band of merry men, including a merrier woman....

After two months and a really decent curry he was totally gobsmacked when the other members of the band decided that the band should be named directly after himself! To which he remains completely honoured and humbled.

And so the Mark Barker Band was born......who are now looking to gig! Venues such as pubs, hotels, functions and even possibly weddings!