Based in Shropshire 
Give us a call: Rashmi Barker: 07930 643 188
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Where did it all go right?
Well it was January 1983, to be precise. Lying in a hospital bed recovering from a, rugby career ending knee operation. When his good friend and neighbour. Along with his massively, musically talented girlfriend said “Mark. You can play the drums can’t you? Will you join our band?”  By March they were in the studio recording their first demo of 1980’s, self penned pop ditties and “The Service” were born.


An official rock band complete with Richard, an ex EMI session vocalist and Chris a guitarist extraordinaire were next on the list.Everyone was writing fresh material and more recording sessions of these original rock tracks shortly followed before the band finally just drifted apart. Mark continued to write and collaborate with various other bands for a while. 

Fast forward to his 50th Birthday in 2013.  He was stunned to find that one of his presents bought by his wife was in fact some drumming lessons to try and entice him back behind the throne.  So dragging out some old drumsticks, that he incidentally soon found to be older than the drum tutor. Off he went. He was asked to do the band showcase. However he decided to pull the plug on things and stop once again. He knew that if he did not stop now the drug would kick in and it would become serious.

After another 5 years of turmoil and “what if’s”, he decided that he could not go out like this. So the search for a decent drum kit started.... the last hurrah.  And now in February 2019 he finds himself finally fulfilling his dream and wanting to play catch up on all of those lost years.

Mark uses: 

Premier Drums

Mapex Drums and hardware. Additional Pearl Hardware

Cymbals a mixture of...Sabian AAX, Zildjian K series & Paiste 505 Hi hats and 2002